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The mouth’s role in general health continues to be underestimated and overlooked by doctors and patients – until a toothache strikes. But, a new era of oral health has begun. The integrative medicine community is buzzing about issues like mercury toxicity, the oral microbiome and the link between periodontitis and heart disease.

The regenerative medicine aspect of oral health is evolving as well. With the aid of more precise diagnostic testing we can better evaluate a person’s candidacy for bone grafting and soft tissue grafting (for dental implants) before embarking on time- consuming and expensive treatment
plans. The result is better, more predictable outcomes for patients.

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Is it worth having your oxidative stress level checked before undergoing gingival grafting surgery? Absolutely.

Should a patient with TMJ disease be guided towards a reduction in total body inflammation as a part of her treatment? Indeed.

Can we improve the performance of osteoblasts (bone building cells) prior to bone grafting surgery or dental implant placement? We can and we do.