As an oral and facial surgeon, Dr. Miller discovered limitations in treating patients through the narrow traditional lens.  He created a space where he could Test, Optimize and Prevent disease—in style.  His T.O.P. Health model empowers patients to be more of their own best doctor.  With the guidance of a rare, single-source, oral surgeon and integrative medicine expert, Dr. Miller provides medicine “above the fray” and gives patients better control over their health.  We pride ourselves on bridging the gaps between surgeons, dentists, traditional medicine practitioners and the growing holistic medicine community – so you can get the answers you deserve.

Our Core Values

Bridge the gap between dentists, doctors, surgeons, and holistic medicine.

Be an advocate and educate patients to see the source of disease and play a bigger role in their own health.

Motivate patients to ARISE to their peak, work toward a better quality of life, and find their unique purpose.

Guide patients to unlock their innate mental and physical potential so they can heal and ARISE to their best self.

A passion to put air in your balloon!

“After taking a sunrise flight over Love Valley in Capadocia, Turkey – late 2012 – I knew I would be sharing this sketch and telling this story. I heard ‘build ARISE MD’ on that trip and as I watched the engineers inflate our balloon, I saw a mission and logo coming to life before me. ”

— Dr. Adam C. Miller

What Patients Are Saying