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Millions Are Quietly Suffering

Millions Are Quietly Suffering

I have had the distinct privilege of being mentored over the last six months by Dr. Bruce Patterson and Dr. Paul Marik (FLCCC Alliance Founder) – giants among COVID scientists. And I continue to need their guidance because this thing isn’t over.

I’m not talking about the UK and India variants, although you can rest assured that we are keeping an eye on those.  I’m referring to the estimated 10- 30% of COVID sufferers and a small percentage of the vaccinated population that are having long-term neurological symptoms, known as “long haulers syndrome” (1, 2).

 Dr. Patterson’s group uses a blend of old and new technology—through their lab at InCellDx—to pinpoint the exact immune imbalance (“cytokine storm”) in COVID long haulers.  With his specialized panel, Dr. Patterson and staff are able to deliver a Long Hauler’s Index (LHI).  Think of the LHI as a measure of just how far off from “normal” your immune system really is.  

It’s important to mention that InCellDx also has a laboratory pathway that leads to a Severity Index (SI) for those who are early in their COVID immune response (within the first 2-3 weeks). 

The majority of long haulers we have seen are men over the age of 40, which is consistent with what Dr. Patterson is seeing as a national trend.  But, if you think these men had significant medical histories that made them more vulnerable than you and I, you would be wrong.  

And that is what is frustrating for clinicians and more emotionally taxing for the longhauler patients.  Until recently, millions of men and women nationally were quietly suffering from profound fatigue, vision changes, neuropathies, Diabetes Insipidus, sleep disturbances, and anxiety while friends and family stood by and said, “Are you sure? You were one of the healthiest people I know.”

The Longhauler Index and Severity Index blood panels take an enigmatic discussion about “cytokine storms” and dissect out the cytokines (white blood cells) to see which of 20 markers tested is actually “storming.” Utilizing precision medicine we are able to use prescription medications to reset the immune system and end the storm.  We’ve seen patients have dramatic improvements.

The Longhauler Panel is approximately $360, and takes two weeks for the final results.  Insurances are not yet covering it for most patients (which should not surprise any of us). We have kits on hand at ARISE MD Basecamp.

The evolving science of managing COVID Longhaulers is going to change medicine.  

COVID is a disease of blood vessel inflammation – bottom line. The virus gets in.  Monocytes (White Blood Cells) “pac-man” the viral proteins and carry them around in their little white blood cell (WBC) bellies.  As the WBC’s flow throughout the body, they try to convince the immune system that lines the blood vessels to do something about the infection.  As a result, the blood vessels get revved up with inflammation and people feel like junk.  Exercise and heat make the situation worse.  

So how is this going to change medicine?  The Long Hauler Index Panel is largely borrowed from the HIV treatment space and has wide-ranging applications for auto-immune patients and, I believe, in preventing future disease.  A year from now I predict my patients will be encouraged to get a blood “ Immune Fitness Index” that accurately assesses immune integrity in the same way we look at your A1C for a gauge of blood sugar regulation or cholesterol for risk of cardiac disease. I want that, don’t you?



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