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Our Mission

“Tired of treating only the superficial aspect of health as a cosmetic surgeon, I wanted a space where I could Test, Optimize and Prevent disease-in style. “Our T.O.P. health model empowers patients to be more of their own bestdoctor.” It establish peace of mind.” And our model facilitates the energy and reseliency needed to check morebucket list boxes.”

We Put Air In People’s Balloon!

“After taking a sunrise flight over Love Valley in Capadocia, Turkey – late 2012 – I knew I would be telling this story. I heard “build ARISE MD” on that trip and as I watched the engineer inflate our balloon I saw a logo coming to life before me.”

– Dr. Adam Miller

Feel better.

Look better.

Live on purpose.

Our Core Values

We meet patients where they are

With phone, and video consults we make the drive home, a layover or a lunch break the most impactful thirty minutes of your week.

We help patients see the source of disease

We take early diagnosis and risk assessment seriously. Which is why we ship specialty test kits for saliva, urine and blood spot to patients’ homes.

We help patients reach their peak

Too many people accept a lower quality of life, then give up on their dreams. So, we talk not just about better lab results; we talk about feeling better and looking better for your unique purpose.

​We help build healthier villages

We travel all around the world to help raise up healthy villages. But, we’ve taken on some awesome initiatives here at home as well.

We unlock health potential

At ARISE MD, we align with WH Auden, who said: “Healing is not a science. Rather, it is the intuitive art of wooing nature.” It’s in you already, every day. The same miraculous energy that allowed you to grow from an embryo to infant, and infant to an adult is bound in the mind, and in every cell and organ in the your body. We unlock that innate mental and physical potential so you can heal yourself.

Welcome to Medicine Above the Fray™. Welcome to ARISE MD Integrative Medicine & Surgery -