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Pete Mueller

President, PMPG Training Pete Mueller is a unique Functional Strength Coach and Sports Activation Specialist. Fun Fact: Pete doesn’t stretch. He activates and releases.
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Beth Van De Boom

Owner, The Happy Cell Beth is an expert in raw food, and nutrition. She and her husband Bob have been organic farmers for over 20 years. Fun Fact: Beth’s chocolate avocado pie is the bomb. Seriously. Very very seriously. View Profile

Dr. Fred Johnson

President, Initiative ONE coaching Dr. Johnson is the results-driven Chief Executive Officer and Founder of InitiativeOne Leadership Institute. Fun Fact: HGTV has nothing on this cat. Fred is a masterful interior designer. View Profile

Dr. Roddy McGee

Partner at Total Sports Medicine Las Vegas Dr. McGee is a Board-Certified Orthopedic Surgeon with fellowship training in Sports Medicine. His practice in Las Vegas is recognized globally for their work in stem cell therapy for joints. Fun Fact: Roddy has a collection of Sports Illustrated (two copies of each) dating back to 1988 in an undisclosed storage location in Las Vegas.
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John Kennedy

Founder, Combat Brain Training John Kennedy is a neuroplastician His program, Combat Brain Training has reduced casualties among Marines in the Middle East and put more ticks in the win column for college and pro athletes. Fun Fact: John developed Combat Brain Training originally for those going to battle on Wall Street.
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Bryant Mascarenhas

Owner, Santosh Yoga Bryant is a human pretzel with beautiful twists and turns to his soulful healing strategies. His incredible understanding of the physical domain of health is wedded at every pose with an endless depth of soul infused compassion. Santosh Yoga is Bryant’s transformation station: Fun Fact: Bryant has kids make animal noises to help them learn yoga poses. Apparently Dr. Adam’s orangutan is one of the best he’s heard.
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