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We provide many evidenced-based personalized paths to healing for our patients. Currently, we offer expertise in integrative & functional medicine, age-management medicine, dentistry, cosmetic surgery, anesthesia, sleep and sleep apnea, dermatology, nutrition and life coaching. No joke – we’ve got all that covered. We use face to face in-office and telemedicine consults, group visits, seminars and lectures, exclusive products, videos, newsletters, blog posts with music-art-poems-stories to inspire your mind and body to unlock health potential.

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Our Specialities

Sleep / Sleep Apnea

We put over 20 years of sleep medicine to work for our patients so you can get to sleep, stay asleep and wake up refreshed. With dental, medical and surgical expertise under one roof, we also provide a truly comprehensive approach to assessing and fixing sleep apnea when indicated.

Stress / Anxiety

When anxiety and stress begin to arise regularly, it can have a negative effect on your physical health, emotional well-being, and your relationships with others. Since neither have a simple on/off switch; we help navigate the choices you can make and the supplements you take to reach an increased sense of calm.

Heart Health

There is a heart attack every 43 seconds in America. Nearly half of those who are diagnosed with heart attacks have the top – most talked about – risk factors. If you know its not only in your genetics but you have other risk factors and want to take action for risk reduction, we’re here to help.

Gut Issues

70% of the immune system lines the gut and 30-40% of your daily energy consumption happens here. For these reasons we consider the gut to be central to a healthy body and healthy mind.

Dental Medicine

Dental/oral concerns sometimes require help from either a dentist, oral surgeon, or doctor. We provide answer from all three perspectives and help you bridge the gap and be efficient in finding a solution.

2nd Opinions

If you have doubts about a diagnosis, your intuition may be signaling that something just doesn’t seem right. Trust your instincts and seek another opinion from a single-source oral surgeon and integrative medicine expert.

Supplement Guidance

Many of us have found health solutions through self-education of nutritional supplements that may help gain the health advantage we’re looking for. However, sometimes it can be overwhelming or confusing without the guidance of a professional. We’ve got you covered.

Hormone / Sexual Health

Just like your mental and physical health, sexual well-being is an important part of your overall health. When something doesn’t feel quite right, you might be hesitant to talk about a sensitive topic. But it’s important to keep in mind that sexual health conditions are common in both men and women.

Skin Health / Rejuvenation

We have over 20 years of cosmetic dermatology experience to support our integrative skin practice. Whether it’s acne, eczema, pigmentation or scars that spurn your consult, we look at the gut, the brain and the skin to give you durable improvements.

Chronic Fatique

Living with chronic fatigue or pain is as much of a mental health challenge as it is a physical one and we get that. Having a good relationship with your health support team is important in finding your personalized healing and management path.

Procedures Available to You

IV Nutritional Therapy

Anti-Aging and Acne Chemical Peels

Botox and PRP Therapy

Skin Biopsy

Oral Biopsy

Cone Beam CT Scan

DEXA Bone Density & Body Composition

Overnight Sleep Study

VO2 Max

Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)

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