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Zinc & Throat Guard Lozenges

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Finding an all-natural and healthy option to fight the most common symptoms of the common cold and flu can be difficult at times. Perque’s Zinc & Throat Guard™ Lozenges are a great option! Formulated with a special blend of energized zinc and other nutrients, they support optimal overall immune health and function.

Unlike other zinc lozenges, Perque’s Zinc & Throat Guard is a complete, immune-building formula. Other zinc lozenges not only lack synergistic nutrients for immune enhancement, but also commonly use poorly absorbed, insoluble, or poorly available forms of zinc.

Zinc & Throat Guard lozenges are the perfect chewable daily zinc supplement and immune system enhancer for children. They can be especially useful for children with poor growth and appetite.

Use Zinc & Throat Guard™ by Perque to support your immune system‚ so that you can face the challenges of modern life and arise to your full potential!

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