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Purpose Punch

Purpose Punch

The most overlooked part of medical treatment plans is – brace yourselfpurpose. Across my work as a dentist, facial surgeon, stem cell expert, and integrative medicine physician one potent truth has precipitated: health is a top down phenomenon, it starts in the mind. Purposeful living has already been linked to other aspects of well-being, like a longer life, lower risk of disease, and better sleep. But a recent study from JAMA Psychiatry*, reveals that patients with purpose tend to actually be stronger.

Resilient patients live out what we call “purpose-led health.” The work they do to develop and stay on purpose creates an engine that pulls our treatment plans down the right track. When patients know their “why” healing goes further, faster. I believe it’s time to start prescribing purpose.

What follows is our Tripod of Purpose, a quick-start guide to honing your reason for living. Disclaimer: this may heal those who are crippled by comfort.

Who will you serve?

The most fulfilled and resilient patients in my practice are dedicated to serving many more people than self.

What will you learn to serve your chosen community in excellence?

Remember, If you want to be happy long- term you need to keep learning.

What will you sacrifice in order to learn

For me this was the hardest part. I gave up my title as “Director” of two centers – one in the US and one in Asia – in order to move deeper into my purpose. The result was ARISE MD, this amazing platform that allows me to work limitlessly in mental, physical and spiritual realms for our patients. I have no regrets.

It was, however, brutally hard to sacrifice the title, money and security that came with being “Director.” For you, time may be the hardest sacrifice. Or it may be the removal of a relationship from your life that keeps you from making needed changes. Whatever your process is, please be real with yourself and patient with those close to you. Don’t assume that others will easily “get” your new mission.

A treatment plan without purpose is powerless. A life without purpose is simply potential. I pray this ARISE MD Purpose Punch knocks you into your best possible life.

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