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What Patients Are Saying

Dale S

Only Doctor To Dig Out Roots of Health Issues

I know Dr. Miller really cares about my overall well being and he is the only Doctor I have ever met who knows how to get to the roots of my health issues. His unique “wholistic” approach is on the cutting edge of health and wellness and in my opinion, the only way to solve life’s complex medical questions!

Karen G.

We feel very fortunate to be under his care and guidance

Thank you for taking time out of your weekend schedule to consult with our daughter. It gave us all peace of mind knowing she was in touch with him regarding her plan. We feel very fortunate to be under his care and guidance.

Linda G.

High-risk but now COVID-free and loving life!

I just want to say THANK YOU to Dr Miller and Hannah for getting me through Covid. It took one message that I tested positive to Dr Miller and suddenly my immune system was in his hands. Being a high risk patient, I truly believed I would end up in ICU on a ventilator. Instead, three weeks later I am Covid-free spending time with my dogs on the beach! I am thoroughly blessed to be his patient!

Rich R.

Finally! — Balanced Nervous System

No other doctor has tried to help me balance my nervous system after all these years!

Christine B.

Looking good & sleeping great!

Thank you for all your help thus far — I can’t get over how good I feel and how well I’m sleeping at night!

Jenn C.

Healthier mind, body, and spirit!

If you want someone who effectively treats the mind, the body and the spirit – look no further.

Vicki R.

Less pain means more hiking!

Less pain and better sleep mean I’m hiking again – Thanks Dr. M!

Holly S.

Faster, healthier swimmer!

Dr. Miller has helped me swim faster! Go Badgers!

Jesse K.

Navigating the champion martial artist

As a Canadian facing serious health issues, I would still be lost without Dr. Adam Miller’s Health Navigation.

Morgan W. — Texas

2nd Opinion – TMJ Surgery

I just can’t thank you enough. We had an incredible consult this AM. My wife has an appointment tomorrow to get a new set of x-rays and a follow up in a week with Dr. Miller. Very relieved to have this [TMJ issue] approached from a number of angles–not just knee-jerking to surgery.

Jenn — London, Eng

No longer eating with pain!

I am better for not having sharp pain when chewing…your advice really helped us understand what help I need. Thank you!

Mike K.

Expertise and Medical Advice Above Standards

Expertise is of the highest order! Advice is given in an understandable way. First rate outfit!

William S.

Timely Consult Meant Timely Treatment and Healing

Very good service and support with staff and Dr. Miller! Thank you, I am doing much better with your timely help. God bless you Dr. Miller!

Michael K.

Quality, Customer Service

First rate in every respect. I am extremely impressed with Dr. Miller’s expertise and approach. I am also very confident that he can help me set some new health goals and reach those goals.

Tina T.

A doctor that truly was listening to me!

I just want to give a huge shout out and thank you to Dr. Adam Miller. After the first visit with Dr. Miller, I knew I finally found a doctor that truly was listening to me and honestly cared about my overall health. It has been 3 months now and I feel and act like my younger self again. I tell everyone I can (especially my friends entering or in the midst of menopause) about what a difference Dr. Miller has made in my life.

Emmery S. — New York City

NYC COVID-19 Recovery

I would like to thank Dr. Adam Miller for guiding me back to health during my bout with Covid-19.

Harry M.

Better physique and sleep!

My weight and blood pressure are down, my sleep is better – thanks Doc’!

Tony E.

Goodbye anxiety — hello sleep!

My anxiety and sleep are much better – thanks Dr. Miller!

Pat H.

Energized from better sleep!

Thank you for the the support you have given me. I’m now sleeping and eating better and no longer feel like I’m running on fumes!

Donna S.

Finally a healthy gut!

My gut has never worked better – thanks Dr. Miller!

Pete M.

Regular referrals for age management

When my clients need age management medicine I refer them to Dr. Miller!

Miss Naiyon Kim — California

2nd Opinion – Dental Surgery

Dental implants are complicated and expensive. When I needed help navigating my dental surgery treatment plan I leaned on Dr. Miller. Highly recommended!