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Thoughts Become Proteins

Thoughts Become Proteins

I am convinced that your body wakes up every day wanting to thrive. Mitochondria want to drive an efficient electron transport chain to produce the energy currency called ATP. The liver wants to efficiently methylate toxins to facilitate detoxification of the body. The brain wants to fire action potentials into the hippocampus to retrieve information at lightning quick speed. And the heart and immune system want to assume a resting state as much as possible so they have the fire power needed when you have to run or fight off a virus.

Medicine, especially in America, still largely ignores the mind-body connection. Yet, it’s often the thoughts you send out that determine whether the body shifts from a wear-and-tear, tension and breakdown state (catabolism) to rest, repair and growth (anabolism).

A thought traverses the mysterious landscape of the mind as a measurable electrical impulse. It then travels down the electrical highway from the brain to the peripheral nervous system and is eventually converted, somewhere near your cells, into a chemical messenger called a neurotransmitter. As a neurotransmitter, thought energy gains its passport to communicate actionable messages to your cells. A thought ultimately lands – through a cascade of signals – upon the DNA in your nucleus, your blueprint for life.

It is at the cellular level, that your thoughts are finally interpreted as either a poison pen letter, an SOS letter, a status quo memo or a love letter. Think about biting into a lemon and your saliva will flow. Think about a steamy night of passion and things start to tingle. But, the psycho-somatic knife cuts two ways.

Too many SOS letters and the energy allocation meant for building up muscle, repairing the gut lining, stimulating neurogenesis and turning your bloodshot eyes snowy white gets hijacked by the stress response system and the immune system under a declaration of war.

Make a habit of asking, “Could I have a better thought?” or “Could I make better proteins?” They’re really the same question.

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