The new era of medicine has begun. It is marked by an unprecedented window into the physical, the metabolic  and the toxic “you.” It is marked by direct-to-patient diagnostics and a shift from doctors as healers to doctors as teachers and coaches.  And the new era is marked by an integrative approach to slowing aging and stoking the body’s innate healing capacity. What all this means for the future, is a broad slow-moving shift from disease management to health promotion, optimization of your body and disease prevention.

The era of patient empowerment and aging champions has begun.  I had to learn the power of this approach with my own health in the balance, and it is out my suffering as a patient that a new passion for medicine was born.  My training as an athlete, surgeon, dentist, age-management specialist, and spiritual advisor are knit into the four core modules of our integrative health platform.

Mental Health & Purpose

  • Personality assessment
  • 3- steps to owning your “why”
  • The Tripod of Purpose exercise
  • Thought Toxicity Index
  • Stress Related to Money
  • Dreams and Disciplines

Sleep & Stress Re-Boot

  • Overnight sleep study: REM index, snoring, movement
  • 24-hour stress and sex hormone study
  • Neurotransmitter study: brain imbalances can prevent calmness
  • Correct sleep and stress imbalances 
  • Build your sleep & stress apothecary

Brain & Body Exercise Prescription

  • Sports performance testing (VO2 Max)
  • Brain function testing
  • Movement analysis
    • i.d. weaknesses and imbalances
  • Genetic testing for ultra-personalization
  • Resilient Training – Mastering the on/off switch
  • Building a durable, dementia-prevention plan
  • Mastering biofeedback and wearables

Total Nutrition & Digestion 

  • Oral digestion analysis: chewing, saliva, oral microbiome
  • Meal and snack selection 
  • Micronutrient Testing 
    • vitamin, mineral, amino acid, fatty acid status in blood and urine
  • Food allergy and sensitivity testing and autoimmune eval.
    • including celiac evaluation
  • Stool digestion analysis
    • parasites, yeast, mold, undigested food, need for probiotics
  • Genetic testing: food preferences & detoxification weaknesses

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